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Methods News covers methodological developments in the social sciences and beyond, across all disciplines and sectors. We publish NCRM-related stories as well as updates from external organisations and individuals working with or researching quantitative, qualitative, digital, creative, visual, mixed and multimodal methods.

Are web survey answers similar to face to face ones?

In a recent peer-reviewed article Alexandru Cernat and Melanie Revilla explored the effects of switching from face to face surveys to web data …

How many research methods are enough?

For researchers who decide to use more than one method in a project, the question immediately arises of whether to treat two as sufficient or whether …

Methodological reflections on the 2021 Census

21 March 2021 is census day in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.   There are at least two remarkable aspects to this simple observation – firstly, that …

Innovation in Research Methods: Investigative Social Research

On the 21st and 22nd November at the University of Liverpool in London, NCRM held an innovation forum to explore the embryonic field of “investigative social …

Teaching social research methods online: interview with Debbie Collins

Debbie Collins is not only the director of NatCen Learning, she is also working on her doctoral thesis with NCRM (supervised by …

NCRM @home: some personal experiences and coping strategies

As many other organisations, NCRM is now working from home. We had to close our offices, sort out home computers and workspaces and deal not only …

Switching to teaching, learning and researching online - what does it mean for research methods?

We at NCRM are busy tracking Twitter and other online communities for great ideas on how people are managing to switch to teaching and learning …

Walking methods in Olympic cities - turning a research article into a video script

Walking methods have different applications, including in Olympic cities. The ‘Olympic city’ provides sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists alike a fascinating incubator of social organising and ordering. …