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New NCRM training courses

We have added new courses to our training calendar.

Statistics minus anxiety, Quant for qual researchers, How to write your methodology chapter, Creative research methods, Making and measuring impact, Using smartphone sensors, apps and wearables in social science research, Introduction to spacial data and using R as a GIS and more.


Our training calendar lists both NCRM and non-NCRM courses. It is a great place to find the methods course you need.


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MethodsNews Newsletter


This issue covers the following titles: Indigenous and non-indigenous research partnerships; Was there a ‘Youthquake’ in the 2017 general election?; Seeing the changes that matter: qualitative longitudinal research focused on recovery and adaptation; Research challenges for using the UK Web Archive for social science research; Want to make surveys more fun? Maybe ditch the radio button; Learning about culture through physical participation; The Collaborative Poetics project: developing methodological resources for collaborative arts-based research.