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Apply for a training bursary

Are you looking for a bursary that will cover your research methods training/course? The NCRM bursaries, for up to £500 each, enable staff in the UK social science community engaged in research, teaching research methods or supervising research to update their research skills. Visit the Training bursaries website and apply!

How to choose a research method NCRM leaflet and poster

Choosing the right research method is not simple. Can our new leaflet/poster help?

The new leaflet briefly introduces NCRM’s training and events, resources and research. The other side features an infographic that in a humorous way helps researchers to choose a research method for their project. Have a look at the poster and ask yourself the question 'what is the purpose of my research?'.

Oxford NCRM Summer School

Apply for the Oxford NCRM Summer School: an introduction to combining social science and molecular genetic research

The School will offer insight into the emerging topic of sociogenomics and the most cutting-edge methodological techniques in this area of research. The focus will be on understanding the key research questions in this area, an overview of UK data and hands-on computer lesson of how to work with genetic data. The deadline for applications is March 30, 2017.