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2019 Training Courses

2019 Training Courses

NCRM drive methodological development and innovation through our programme of training and events.

Our upcoming training courses include:
- Intro to QGIS: 6-8 March, Southampton
- Intro to latent class anaylsis: 14-15 March, Manchester
- Intro to spatial data & using R as a GIS: 27 March, Southampton
- Qualitative research for quantitative researchers, 16 April, Southampton
- The what, why & how of citizens' juries, 25 April in Southampton

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New NCRM e-bulletin available


The NCRM e-bulletin is a monthly email featuring the latest methods news, events, resources and job opportunities. The January edition features our new 2019 training courses, information about a new book for social researchers and calls for abstracts for a number of conferences this year.


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NCRM Director Patrick Sturgis shows there was a 2017 election youthquake


NCRM Director Patrick Sturgis and Professor Will Jennings (Political Science & Public Policy at the University of Southampton) have written a blog post for the London School of Economics on the concept of the 2017 general election experiencing a 'youthquake' - the surge of support that Labour received from the youth vote in the election. Despite the 'youthquake' being previously discounted, Patrick has used Understanding Society data to argue there was a signfiicant increase in turnout for the under 30's.

Read more about Patrick's findings here