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Methods News covers NCRM-related stories as well as features from external organisations and individuals working with or researching core and advanced quantitative, qualitative, digital, creative, visual, mixed and multimodal methods. We aim to cover methodological developments in the social sciences and beyond, across all disciplines and sectors.

Podcast series explores qualitative methods

A new podcast series explores qualitative research methods through conversations with experts in a variety of fields. The five-episode collection is the second series of the Methods …

Two places available on free mixed methods workshop

Postgraduate and early-career researchers are invited to attend a free workshop on mixed methods research. The event takes place in Southampton on 26-27 September 2022 and includes …

Apply for funding to refine methods developed during COVID-19 pandemic

Social science researchers are being invited to apply for funding to refine recently developed methodological approaches. The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has a pot of …

Introducing a critical conversation on research ethics using collaborative and participatory methods

Join NCRM's newly established Collaborative and Participatory Methodological Special Interest Group (MSIG) for the first event in its Critical Conversations series. Creating a space for critical …

Comparative judgement for measuring the hard-to-measure

The hard-to-measure Social scientists are often interested in theoretical constructs that elude efficient and reliable measurement, such as ‘beauty’ or ‘reading comprehension’. Developing instruments for hard-to-measure constructs …

What are latent variables and why might they be useful?

Most of the time, social science researchers analysing quantitative data will tend to fit statistical models which explore variation in a single outcome variable. For example, …

Big qual: the breadth-and-depth method of working with large amounts of qualitative data

How can you analyse large amounts of qualitative data in a way that retains the distinctive characteristics of rigorous qualitative research? This is a question increasingly …

NCRM review shows growing pedagogical culture in research methods education within HE

There is a growing pedagogical culture in research methods education within UK universities, according to a new review paper published by NCRM researchers. The systematic review found …