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Navigating FOI in the UK

The third and final webinar of our series on freedom of information (FOI) requests in social research focused on the United Kingdom. With the Freedom …

SAVE THE DATE: NCRM 2023 Annual Lecture

NCRM is pleased to announce that its prestigious Annual Lecture will take place on Tuesday, 25 April 2023. The keynote speaker will be Professor Elizabeth Stokoe …

Explore the Health and Employment After Fifty study in CLOSER Discovery

Researchers can now explore data from the Health and Employment After Fifty (HEAF) study in CLOSER Discovery – the UK’s most detailed research tool for longitudinal …

How we

NCRM is pleased to announce a major refresh of the ReStore online resources collection at ReStore is a repository of research methods websites originally funded …

New episode of NCRM podcast explores mixed and qualitative longitudinal approaches

The third episode in NCRM’s new podcast series is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the NCRM website. The guest is Professor Dan …

Webinar series to discuss data resources for mental health and wellbeing research

A two-part webinar series will explain how to access and use datasets on mental health and wellbeing. Organised by the Data Resources Training Network (DRTN), the free …

Creative methods: How to capitalise on creativity in participatory research

How can creative methods be presented as a valid tool in participatory research? And what are the empirical implications? If these questions draw your attention to …

Webinar to discuss how to navigate FOI in the UK

The next webinar in our series on freedom of information (FOI) will focus on how to navigate the FOI process in the UK. The event – FOI …