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Screening Tarma In Sierra Leone: The role of film in interdisciplinary discussions on epidemic response

In March 2023, in a crowded church hall turned into a cinema for the evening, community members from across Kambia District in northern Sierra Leone, congregated …

Navigating uncertainty: The role of north-south research partnerships in Ethiopia’s education response to COVID-19

Uncertainty was a critical issue throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to responding to complex problems posed by the pandemic, north-south research partnerships have an …

Food insecurity: mapping out risk to plan local responses

Not having enough food to eat, or food that contributes to a nutritious diet is food insecurity, or sometimes called food poverty. Sadly, this is a …

An interview with Professor Ann Oakley: sociological legacies and futures

On a warm, sunny day in June of last year, we had the great pleasure of interviewing Professor Ann Oakley, a renowned figure of modern …

Lived experience and research: from spaces of safety to spaces of bravery

How can we design inclusive models of research, which enable people with lived experience to conduct, and participate in research that values their contribution? The third …

Navigating FOI in the UK

The third and final webinar of our series on freedom of information (FOI) requests in social research focused on the United Kingdom. With the Freedom …

How we have refreshed the ReStore research methods archive

NCRM is pleased to announce a major refresh of the ReStore online resources collection at ReStore is a repository of research methods websites originally funded …

Creative methods: How to capitalise on creativity in participatory research

How can creative methods be presented as a valid tool in participatory research? And what are the empirical implications? If these questions draw your attention to …