GenPopWeb2 events

2020 events

23 September 2020 – Virtual meeting with experts to discuss adjustments for mode effects – report will be produced and published on the website

5 November 2020Webinar: Within-household selection methods for probability web surveys

2021 events

26 February 2021 – Measuring cognition in online surveys

Measuring cognition in a multi-mode context: The case of the Health and Retirement Survey
Cognition in UK Biobank: an evolving landscape
Novel online measures of cognition in the Twins Early Development Study
Developing web-based cognitive functioning measures in the Understanding America Study

5 March 2021 – Collecting data linkage consents in online surveys

Consent to Data Linkage in Online Surveys: A Descriptive Review and Meta-Analysis
Collecting Multiple Data Linkage Consents in a Mixed Mode Survey: Evidence from Next Steps
How and why does the mode of data collection affect consent to data linkage?

12 March 2021

Past ONS research exploring occupational coding online
Occupation Coding During the Interview in a Web-First Sequential Mixed-Mode Survey: Evidence from the Next Steps Cohort Study
The survey question measuring occupations, solutions for multi-country web surveys

14 July 2021 Workshop: Designing and delivering online surveys - Transitioning long questionnaires to online

Developing self-completion instruments for the European Social Survey
Moving a long survey online: Problems and some potential solutions
Transforming social surveys in ONS: opportunities & challenges

17 September 2021 – Covid-19 and Transitioning to Online Data Collection in Social Surveys

Food and You 2: Moving FSA's flagship survey online
Learnings from transitioning face-to-face studies to push-to-web
Health Survey for England: Exploring alternative modes
Measuring crime during the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic: Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW)
The cross-national challenge: Moving (some) European Social Survey countries to ‘web first’ during the pandemic

28 September 2021 – Online questionnaire design, development and testing

Creating an accessible survey platform
Online questionnaire testing: How has the pandemic changed our approach at NatCen?
Putting Respondents First; user centred design approaches at ONS

26 October 2021 – Transitioning to online data collection in social surveys: Developments and challenges (2021 Research Methods e-Festival)

Covid-19 Pandemic and Transitioning to Online Data Collection: GenPopWeb2 findings
Developing self-completion instruments for the European Social Survey
What has the pandemic revealed about the transition to online data collection?