Multilevel models:Random coefficient and intercept models

Presenter(s): Ian Brunton-Smith

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This online research is intended to provide you with a general introduction to multilevel modelling, as well as outlining the key features of random intercept and coefficient models.

Multilevel models: Introducing multi-level modelling

This video provides a general overview of multilevel modelling, covering what it is, what it can be used for, and the general data structures that are suitable for multilevel models.

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Multi-level models: Random intercept models

This video introduces variance components and random intercept models. Contextual effects are also briefly discussed to examine how the strength of an individual level relationship may be moderated by an included group level effect.

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Multilevel models: Random coefficient models

This video introduces random coefficient models and cross-level interactions.

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About the author

Ian Brunton-Smith is a Professor of Criminology and Research Methods at the University of Surrey, having previously worked at the University of Warwick, where he was Director of the Warwick Q-Step centre. He has always been a bit of a 'jobbing researcher' with wide ranging interests in the application of advanced quantitative methods across the Social Sciences. Currently his interests in Criminology include prison effects, the spatial patterning of crime and perceptions of crime, and the role of neighbourhood context. In methodology, he is particularly interested in new developments in multilevel modelling, bayesian statistics, and survey methodology.

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