NCRM establishes new engagement initiatives

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Ed Grover

NCRM is running a series of new engagement activities that aim to boost research methods training within the social sciences and beyond.

As part of its current five-year strategy, NCRM is enhancing its work with both academic and non-academic partners.

Activities include co-ordinating new national networks, running initiatives to stimulate methodological innovation and holding interdisciplinary, cross-sector conferences, workshops and other events.

The initiatives complement NCRM’s core objective for its current phase of work – to deliver a comprehensive programme of cutting-edge research methods training across the UK – which runs from 2020 to 2024 with support from the Economic and Social Research Council.

Examples of recent activities are: the production of a series of podcasts in collaboration with Dementia Researcher; the creation of networks for data resources training and doctoral training; support and funding for two Innovation Fora on the topics of elite studies and decolonising research methods.

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