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PhD studentship at NCRM: Quantitative Research Methods

We are seeking applications for a PhD studentship that will fit within the NCRM research programme. This studentship will be supported by NCRM and located …

Updating the NCRM typology of social science research methods

Article by Rebekah Luff, Dorothy Byatt and David Martin, NCRM, University of Southampton (MethodsNews Spring 2015) Back in 2004, soon after the inception of the NCRM, a need …

Medical spending around the developed world

Article by Eric French and Elaine Kelly, Institute for Fiscal Studies (MethodsNews Spring 2015) There are significant differences in how health services are financed and provided across the …

Does birth weight mediate the effect of socioeconomic disadvantage on childhood growth?

Article by Melissa J Palmer and Richard J Silverwood, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (MethodsNews Spring 2015) Children from more deprived backgrounds are more likely to …

Researching 'near miss' cycling situations

Article by Rachel Aldred, University of Westminster (MethodsNews Spring 2015) The Near Miss Project is the first project to collect data allowing us to calculate the rate …

A probability-based web panel for the UK?

Article by Patrick Sturgis, NCRM, University of Southampton (MethodsNews Spring 2015) As interviewing costs continue to rise while response rates decline throughout the world, pressure is mounting …

Let's talk about pedagogy

Article by Sarah Lewthwaite and Melanie Nind, NCRM, University of Southampton (MethodsNews Spring 2015) The NCRM Pedagogy of Methodological Learning project investigates the distinctive pedagogic demands of teaching …

Report: Consultation on Methodological Research Needs in UK Social Science

As part of its national strategic remit, NCRM undertakes periodic assessments of national provision and need in methodological research and training through consultation with stakeholders. In …