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Watch: NCRM Annual Lecture 2023

The video of the NCRM Annual Lecture 2023 is now available to watch on YouTube and the NCRM website. The lecture provides an overview of conversation …

Programme details announced for 2023 Research Methods e-Festival

The draft programme for the 2023 Research Methods e-Festival is now available. It features almost 100 sessions on a wide range of topics and includes workshops, …

New publication highlights NCRM activities from 2020 to 2023

NCRM has launched a new publication that highlights our activities and achievements from the past three years. Called Learning Together, the publication provides an overview of our …

Final episode in NCRM podcast series now available

The final episode in NCRM’s six-part podcast series is available to listen on the Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the NCRM website. The guest is Professor Laura Bernardi …

Enter our video poster competition

Postgraduate researchers are invited to enter NCRM’s 2023 video poster competition. The 10 best entries will be shown at the 2023 Research Methods e-Festival, which takes …

JD Carpentieri talks about how qualitative research can add nuance to theory on NCRM podcast

The fifth episode in NCRM’s new podcast series is available to listen on the Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the NCRM website. The guest is Dr …

NCRM publishes guidance papers on ethics in research involving children

A new series of papers provides valuable guidance on ethics in research involving children. The six-part series, produced by academics from the School of Law and …

Paper highlights adaption of research methods during pandemic

A new paper from NCRM researchers analyses the ways in social research methods have been adapted and designed for use within pandemic conditions. The paper, published in …