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The power of the podcast as a youth participatory research method

During the UK general election, we saw the two main parties trying to speak to the question of the power of youth. While Labour’s manifesto …

The dance of co-production and arts in health: a collaborative prelude

Co-production is a harmonious dance where service providers, users and stakeholders sway together. It’s not a mere waltz; it’s a vibrant tango of authenticity, in a …

Dad-shaped holes and opportunities in data about UK children

Dads feature in the lives of the vast majority of children. In Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) data (see chart below), 85 per cent of 17-year-olds lived …

What is agent-based modelling and how can it be useful for public health research?

As public health researchers, we are accustomed to wrestling with multifaceted challenges that surpass simple cause-and-effect relationships. Whether it be disease transmission, obesity, or addressing health …

Research with children and young people

The final webinar in the 2023 Critical Conversations series was focused on research with children and young people. The conversations started with lightning talks from …

How do you analyse large amounts of qualitative data? Try our step-by-step guide

Data-driven research skills feature on the UKRI ESRC’s agenda for supporting social scientists across all career stages. NCRM has pioneered work in this field for qualitative …

Researching children and terrorism: the pros and woes of building an original dataset

In September 2021, Cressida Dick, then-Metropolitan Police Commissioner, warned of children forming a "new generation of extremists" in the United Kingdom. Her comment came in …

What do we mean by impact in the context of participatory research?

What do we mean by "impact" in the context of participatory research? What does impact mean to the people who participate in our research? What methods …