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George Kitsaras: Collection of real-time data from participants - interactive text surveys


George Kitsaras presents at methods@manchester Methods Fair 2018. Abstract: Introduction. Questionnaire-based assessments are associated with challenges such as recall bias and low response and retention rates. Real-time, mobile-based approaches in behavioural, psychological and social research can present a new way forward. A difficult to assess with traditional assessments area where mobile-based approaches can be valuable are bedtime routines, which are associated with child wellbeing and development. Methods. An interactive, user-friendly, real time text-survey assessment of bedtime routines was developed and administered to 50 families with preschool age children. The assessment was delivered for 5 consecutive nights and it involved open-ended and closed questions about that night’s routine. Anonymised feedback, response and retention rates and other insight information were collected. Results. The text survey was perceived positively with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 for overall experience. There was an overall response rate of 87%, much higher than conventional questionnaire-based assessments. Finally, retention rates were good with every participant replying to the text-survey at least 3 out of 5 nights resulting in an average of 40 unique data points per participant throughout the duration of the study. There were no dropouts during the study. Conclusion. The text-survey assessment delivered to participant’s mobile phones was successful for assessing bedtime routines, it was perceived positively, causing minimum disruption.