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NCRM Annual Lecture 2023

Gabriele Durrant, Elizabeth Stokoe, Jon Sutton


The NCRM Annual Lecture 2023 was held at the Royal Society in London on Tuesday, 25 April 2023. The keynote speaker for the event, which was also streamed online, was Professor Elizabeth Stokoe of the London School of Economics and Political Science. She was joined by the discussant, Dr Jon Sutton, editor of The Psychologist magazine. Professor Stokoe discussed the power of conversation analysis to reveal both effective and problematic communication practices in a variety of contexts. Her talk, A Method in Search of a Problem: The Power of Conversation Analysis, showed how conversation analysis can be used to identify, describe and share effective communication practices, as well as challenge common communication myths and expose inequalities. The event included an introductory presentation from NCRM's Director, Professor Gabriele Durrant, who provided an overview of NCRM's core activities. The event closed with questions from the audience, but this section is not included in this recording.