NCRM Videos

Celebration of the new phase of the National Centre for Research Methods

Gabriele Durrant, David Martin, Eva Nedbalova, Alison Park, Danny Dorling, Vernon Gayle


In January 2020 NCRM entered a new phase with an ESRC award for 5 years. This event is an online celebration of the new phase of NCRM. The video launch lasts 60 min and the programme includes: • Introduction and new phase overview by Professor Gabriele Durrant, Director of NCRM • New NCRM branding and introduction to the functionality and design of the new NCRM portal by Professor David Martin, Co-Director of NCRM, Eva Nedbalova, NCRM Communication Manager • The future of research methods - a funder’s perspective, a talk by Professor Alison Park, Director of Research at the ESRC • New ‘In Conversation’ video podcast with Professor Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, University of Oxford, and Professor Vernon Gayle, University of Edinburgh.