Researching deprivation in the UK

Presenter(s): Alle Bloom, Smruti Bulsari, Emily Ennis

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This resource is focused on the use of (analysis) for the study of deprivation in the UK context. The resources cover the various data sources that can be used and the types of quantitative analysis that can be conducted using these data.

Also included are links to datasets containing data about deprivation in the UK.

The three videos will cover an overview of datasets that are available to researchers, research using the English indices of multiple deprivation, and research using open data.

Datasets on deprivation from the UK Data Service

This video, from Alle Bloom at the UK Data Service, outlines what is the UK Data Service and what data are available to researchers, including poverty/economic situation, labour, housing and food. The video will also provide some case studies of research and how interested researchers can find and access this data.

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Understanding and using the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation: Some reflections on poverty, deprivation and dementia

This video reflects on concepts and measurements of poverty and deprivation using the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). Using the IMD, Dr Smruti Bulsari from the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing covers estimation and aggregation; conceit, components and weights, before introducing correlation matrix heatmaps for deprivation dementia diagnosis rates.

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Priority Places for Food Index

This video outlines the Priority Places for Food Index and its methodology, including how and why the tool was developed with their industry partners Which? Dr Emily Ennis from the Consumer Data Research Centre, will share how the Priority Places for Food Index Uses consumer data to provide unique insight into deprivation ion the UK. This includes data such as proximity and accessibility to supermarket retail facilities, access to online deliveries, family food support and fuel poverty.

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About the author

Alle Bloom is a Research Associate, UK Data Service, Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research, at the University of Manchester.

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