Introduction to the Stat-JR software package

Presenter(s): William Browne

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In this online resource, I talk about the statistical software packages, StatJR which was developed in grants funded by the ESRC and in part by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). This work is a team effort and many colleagues at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling in Bristol and at the University of Southampton have contributed to StatJR. StatJR is a statistical software package that we have been developing for nearly a decade at the Centre for Multilevel Modelling. It was named in tribute to our former colleague Jon Rasbash, who was the main programmer of our other main software package MLwiN. In this series of talks we introduce the software and describe various features.

Introduction to the Stat-JR software package

In this video, I talk about a statistical software package StatJR, that we have been developing for nearly a decade at the Centre for multi-level modelling. StatJR is meant to appeal to users of all abilities, from novices right through to experts, who might then develop their own functionality in the package. It is written in Python and has its own estimation engine which we call eStat. In this first talk I describe its main features including its interoperability with other packages.

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Stat-JR eBook interface and Statistical Analysis Assistants

In this talk I will introduce StatJR's eBook interface and talk more about the concept of statistical analysis assistants i.e. computer programs that help you do your statistical analysis.

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Generating SPSS training materials in Stat-JR

In this talk we will describe the SPSS training material generation features of StatJR. I want to describe here how we have extended StatJR's functionality to allow it to create bespoke training materials automatically for an individual lecturer using their own data

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About the author

Professor William (Bill) Browne is a professor of statistics in the School of Education at the University of Bristol where he co-directs the Centre for Multilevel Modelling. He has been a Professor at Bristol since 2007, first for 7 years in the School of Veterinary Science before transferring to Education. He also set up the Universities Data Science Institute, the Jean Golding Institute. His research interests are in statistical methodology, software development and application in a variety of disciplines. In particular multilevel modelling and Bayesian Statistics

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