Survey Data Quality and total survey error

Presenter(s): Olga Maslovskaya

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This online resource introduces different aspects of survey data quality. It contains two videos. The first video is about survey data quality in general and dimensions of total survey quality in particular. The second video discusses Total Survey Error framework.

What is Survey Data Quality?

This video "What is Survey Data Quality?" introduces survey data quality concept in general and dimensions of total survey quality in particular.

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Data Quality: Total Survey Error (TSE)

The second video "Data Quality: Total Survey Error (TSE)" introduces a very important component of survey data quality - Total Survey Error (TSE) and its components.

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About the author

Dr Olga Maslovskaya is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) at the University of Southampton working on the Work Package 1 "Data Collection for Data Quality". She is also a Principal Investigator on the ESRC-funded Secondary Data Analysis Initiative project "Understanding survey response behaviour in a digital age: Mixed-device online surveys and mobile device use" and a Co-Investigator on the NCRM Collaborative Methodological Research and Training Project "The future of online surveys: Evaluating data quality in the UK probability-based online panel". She has an extensive research experience in application of advanced statistical modelling in different areas of Social Sciences as well as in the analysis of nonresponse, data quality, interviewer effects and paradata in social surveys and has worked on a number of research projects. Her research interests include: advanced statistical modelling with applications in Social Sciences, mixed-device online surveys, mobile device use in online surveys, mode effects, interviewer effects, data quality, nonresponse in sample surveys and analysis and use of paradata.

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