Anonymisation: theory and practice

Presenter(s): Mark Elliot

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This resource describes the ideas and principles that underpin the concept of anonymisation and introduces a practical approach to the topic entitled the "Anonymisation Decision-making Framework". As well as being standalone resources the videos are also trailers for the book which has been published as open access and is available as a downloadable PDF at:

What is anonymisation?

In this video Mark describes the fundamental concepts that underpin the notion of anonymisation. He demystifies the term and other related concepts and argues for a holistic, functional approach.

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Anonymisation decision making framework

In this video, Mark describes the anonymisation Decision-making Framework, a 10 step process which provides a practical approach to carrying out functional anonymisation and can be downlaoded from:

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Statistical disclosure control

In this video, Mark describes the statistical disclosure control, aimed at identifying the processes used to assess disclosure risk and control processes that are relevant to your data situation.

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About the author

Mark Elliot is co-director of NCRM with responsibility for teaching and learning. He joined the University of Manchester in 1996, since when he has worked mainly in the field of statistical confidentiality, and has led numerous research projects within this area. From 2005-2008 he was director of Centre for Census and Survey Research. He is currently School of Social Sciences postgraduate director. He leads the UK Anonymisation Network ( and is recognised internationally as a go-to person for advice about all aspects of data anonymisation.

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