COVID-19 resource collection

This page lists the growing collection of NCRM resources aimed to assist researchers during the global COVID-19 pandemic. These range from the outputs of specific research projects to individual blogs and guides.

Changing Research Practice: Undertaking social science research in the context of Covid-19

This new project from NCRM and funded by the ESRC is looking at how Covid-19 is disrupting our research practice by challenging researchers who are conducting social research to re-consider their designs, re-think their ethics, broker different kinds of access, and adapt their research methods. The project pages includes a series of Wayfinder guides.

COVID-19 news and blog articles

Switching to teaching, learning and researching online - what does it mean for research methods? A collection of resources about teaching research methods and learning and researching methods online.

Social data during the COVID-19 pandemic An early collaborative project to identify surveys and social data sources on the pandemic.

Library of methods for remote collection of data from children and families Links to RAD_DP: A library of Remote Assessment Designs for Developmental Psychology.