COVID-19 resource collection

This page lists the growing collection of NCRM resources aimed to assist researchers during the global COVID-19 pandemic. These range from the outputs of specific research projects to individual blogs and guides.

Changing Research Practices: phases I-III

This project from NCRM and funded by the ESRC is looking at how COVID-19 is disrupting our research practice by challenging researchers who are conducting social research to re-consider their designs, re-think their ethics, broker different kinds of access, and adapt their research methods. The project pages includes resources such as project reports, wayfinder guides, reading and reference lists and series of videos. The project is now in its third phase.

COVID-19 news and blog articles

Delivering a national research methods training programme in a pandemic A blog article by Professor David Martin, Co-Director of NCRM

Beyond adaptation: just transferring online? A blog article by Poppy Gerrard-Abbott

Research methods in COVID-19: useful evidence and supportive communities A blog article by Changing Research Practices project

Switching to teaching, learning and researching online - what does it mean for research methods? A collection of resources about teaching research methods and learning and researching methods online.

Social data during the COVID-19 pandemic An early collaborative project to identify surveys and social data sources on the pandemic.

Library of methods for remote collection of data from children and families Links to RAD_DP: A library of Remote Assessment Designs for Developmental Psychology.