Other resources for researchers conducting research during the COVID-19 pandemic

This page lists a collection of resources gathered by NCRM during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources, which aim to provide assistance to researchers, range from the outputs of specific research projects to blogs and guidance publicatons. The resources were collected in separate work from the Changing Research Practices project.

Resources about online learning and teaching

This article was published on the NCRM blog and provides useful links to pages on teaching research methods online and learning and research methods online. Read the article.

Social data during the COVID-19 pandemic

To help researchers work together on this, a researcher from the University of Kent set up a collaborative Google doc on COVID-19 social data – that covers topics like employment, income, poverty and deprivation, loneliness and mental health. Read more.

Library of methods for remote collection of data from children and families

A researcher from UCL set up an open source library that provides a place for researchers or practitioners to share freely available and validated methods for the remote collection of data from children and families. Read more.

Delivering a national research methods training programme in a pandemic

Professor David Martin, Co-Director of NCRM, wrote a blog post about the ways that the centre adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Published by the Durham Research Methods Centre, the article describes how NCRM switched to online course delivery, produced new digital resources and launched initiatives such as the Changing Research Practices for Covid-19 Times project. Read the blog post.

Beyond adaptation: just transferring online?

This blog post describes how during the COVID-19 pandemic researchers and educators worldwide, with limited or no training and support, were expected to deliver the same quality, within the same time frames, in a profoundly different realm. Read the article.

Research methods in Covid-19: useful evidence and supportive communities

This article describes an evidence review conducted in the first phase of NCRM's Changing Research Practices project. The review syhthesises emerging evidence about methodological adaptations and engage researchers in knowledge exchange about the methods in the pandemic. Read the article.