Interactive Seminar

Day 1: Tuesday, 13 September


Freedom of Information requests as a research tool

Session convener: Kathrin Lauber, The University of Edinburgh

This session will focus on exploring Freedom of Information (FOI) requests as a tool for social science research. We will start with a brief introduction and overview of how this tool has been used in health, social policy, and related research areas, and move on to a discussion of cross-cutting opportunities and challenges related to using FOI requests in research. What follows will be small group discussions, likely focused on thinking about the ways in which this data collection method could be applied and integrated with other methods relevant to participants’ areas of interest. Experience of using FOI is not required for participation. This event forms part of a wider NCRM Innovation Forum centred around the use of FOI requests to collect data for social and health research, as the first in a series of events.