Innovation Incubator

Day 2: Wednesday, 14 September


Developing the science of translation in health innovation

Session convener: Niels Peek, University of Bristol

Translational research is health research aimed at translating (converting) results from basic research into results that directly benefit humans, and can do so at scale. It is considered increasingly important by universities, funders, governments, and other stakeholders, but little is known about how we can make translation work; what the ingredients of successful (and unsuccessful) translational research are; which research findings are translatable and which are not; and how we can study the field of translation itself. This session brings together key UoM researchers that are involved in translational research, and investigates with the audience how we can strengthen the field of translation methodologically. It will be led by the Christabel Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation. After a series of short plenary talks, we will consider key questions in breakout groups, and close the session with listing the key methodological challenges in this area.