Profesional Development Workshop

Day 1: Tuesday, 13 September


Non-linear relationships in quantitative research: what are they and how to analyse them?

Session convener: Frederick Ho, University of Glasgow

Traditionally in quantitative research, relationship between dependent and independent variables are modelled using regression analysis, either by assuming linear relationship or by categorising the independent variables. However, these approaches could not capture the nuances in the relationships, e.g. when the dependent variable is not linearly proportional to the independent variable. Instead, readily available statistical methods could be used to explore and report non-linear relationships. This workshop will illustrate what non-linear associations are, why do we need to model them specifically, and how this can be done in R. This workshop would be divided into two sessions, the first one on the theories and the second part is a demonstration. Programming codes will be provided and the participants are welcomed to try using the method in the workshop.