Methodological Innovation Projects

As a complement to the research programme being undertaken by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) through its Hub and Nodes, NCRM has commissioned 10 short-term methodological research and development projects to run between 1 April 2013 and 30 September 2014.

The focus of these projects are on topic areas that have been identified as representing important gaps in existing national coverage.



Estimating matching variable error rates and match probabilities for linkage of large administrative data sources, Professor R Gilbert, University College London

Methodological Innovation in Digital Arts and Social Sciences (MIDAS), Professor C Jewitt, Institute of Education, University of London

Integrating emerging smartphone and genetic initiatives to produce cost-effective, innovative methodology, Dr Aleksandr Kogan, University of Cambridge

Item nonresponse and measurement error in cross-national surveys: Methods of data collection and analysis, Dr J Kuha, London School of Economics and Political Science

Understanding nonresponse on Understanding Society, Professor P Lynn, University of Essex

Linking cohort study data to administrative records: the challenges of consent and coverage, Dr T Mostafa, Institute of Education, University of London

Communicating chronic pain: Interdisciplinary methods for non-textual data, Dr J Tarr, London School of Economics and Political Science

Face 2 Face: tracing the real and the mediated in children's cultural worlds, Professor R Thomson, University of Sussex

Towards a social media science: Tools and methodologies, Professor D Weir, University of Sussex

The potential of video telephony in qualitative longitudinal research: A participatory and interactionist approach to assessing remoteness and rapport, Dr S Weller, London South Bank University

Social media and prediction: Crime sensing, data integration and statistical modelling, Dr M Williams, Cardiff University


NCRM Networks for Methodological Innovation

The call for Networks for Methodological Innovation is now closed.


About NMI scheme

Networks for Methodological Innovation are commissioned and co-ordinated by the Hub with the aim of stimulating discussion on new methodological challenges and reviewing developments within specific methodological fields. They consist of a series of network-based events and related activities over a period of up to one year and will normally be of two kinds:

  • Catalyzing activities: stimulating research and promoting debate on new methodological challenges among academic researchers, users and research funding bodies
  • Synthesising activities: reviewing research in a specific methodological field, or identifying commonalities between research in different methodological fields.


In line with the Centre's broader remit, networks for methodological innovation contribute to the envisaged step change in the quality and range of methodological skills and techniques used by the UK social science community. They are orientated towards stimulating new ideas and improving understanding of methods and of the connections between methods and disciplines.

The Hub has conducted a review of the NMI projects in 2005-9.

For further information about NCRM Networks for Methodological Innovation projects please contact Dr Rose Wiles.