Introducing a critical conversation on research ethics using collaborative and participatory methods

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Ed Grover

Join NCRM's newly established Collaborative and Participatory Methodological Special Interest Group (MSIG) for the first event in its Critical Conversations series.

Creating a space for critical conversations to emerge, this session will focus on how we practise ethics throughout the life of our research cycles (and beyond). Themes will be sourced from the attendees, but could include institutional processes, power, collaboration and co-production, remuneration, representation and tokenism.

The session will take place on Wednesday, 12 October 2022, from 16:00 to 17:30. It will start with four lightening talks of approximately three minutes:

  • Dr Isabelle Latham, of Hallmark Care Homes, will discuss how participatory forms of research offer the potential to enhance ethical practices in relation to consent and involvement of people living with dementia in research that affects their lives.
  • Dr Niamh O’Brien, of Anglia Ruskin University, will talk about issues associated with the process and practicalities of participatory forms of research, focussing on ownership of data and interpretation, and how endings of a project can impact community members.
  • Dr Julia Hayes, of Inclusion Creativa, will focus on the ethical considerations of research with children with disabilities within contexts of the global south, and the use of situated ethics, which take into account the context and culture in which one is researching.
  • Dr Nicole Brown, of University College London, will discuss power dynamics between researchers and participants, arguing that it should not be researchers’ aim to hand over all responsibility and control.

This session will be hosted on Zoom and guided by the MSIG organisers, and break-out rooms may be used. The sessions will not be recorded but the MSIG may write a blog to reflect on the key points of the session without identifying any individual contributors or attendees, unless permission is expressly given.

The session duration is 90 minutes. A short break is scheduled and attendees are welcome to join and leave as they need to. Feedback on the format is welcomed. Instructions on how to join Zoom can be found on the Zoom website.

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