Methods Matter podcast launched by Dementia Researcher and NCRM

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Ed Grover

A new podcast series launched by Dementia Researcher and NCRM provides an introduction to a range of research methods and considers how they could be applied in dementia research.

Methods Matter is hosted by Leah Fullegar, a dementia care PhD student at the University of Southampton who is joined by a selection of experts and researchers over the five-episode series.

The series was launched at the 2021 Research Methods e-Festival and is available on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, the Dementia Researcher website, the NCRM website and SoundCloud.

The five episodes are:

  • Qualitative Interviews, with Dr Kahryn Hughes from University of Leeds and Dr Jemima Dooley of the University of Bristol.
  • Social Network Analysis, with Dr David Griffiths from the University of Stirling and Dr Anne-Nicole Casey of the University of New South Wales
  • Qualitative Longitudinal Methods, with Dr Kahryn Hughes and Professor Andrew Clark of the University of Salford
  • Multilevel Modelling, with Professor Bill Browne from the University of Bristol and Dr Jacqueline Mogle of RemindLab
  • Qualitative Secondary Analysis, with Dr Kahryn Hughes and Dr Anna Volkmer from University College London.

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