Methods events

NCRM is a leading provider of social science research methods events. These events are developed collaboratively with input from strategic partners, with the aiming of creating large meet-up events (online and in-person) for people both within and outside of academia, utilising methods in social science research. Examples of our large research methods events include:

2021 Research Methods e-Festival

The 2021 Research Methods e-Festival is a celebration of research methods with an interdisciplinary social science flavour pulling in the contributors and participants to provide a wealth of content. The event is an amalgamation of the UK NCRM Research Methods Festival and the methods@manchester Methods Fair. Being fully web-based we aim to attract interest from around the world adding international perspectives to the theme of "innovation, adaptation and evolution of the social sciences".


During the life of the grant (2020-2024), we aim to host two MethAthlon events. These will be interdisciplinary in nature and will involve lightening talks, show and tell sessions, break out groups and a plenary session on a given theme.


In Autumn 2022 we will host a large MethodsCon meet up. This will be a cross-sector event with a range of contributions including plenaries, workshops, a mass data input event and a networks exchange session.

If you would like to discuss contributing to these events please get in touch with NCRM’s Deputy Director Professor Mark Elliot at