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The Methods Matter Podcast, Episode Four- Multilevel Modelling


Bio: "Adam Smith was born in the north, a long time ago. He wanted to write books, but ended up working in the NHS, and at the Department of Health. He is now Programme Director in the Office of the NIHR National Director for Dementia Research (which probably sounds more important than it is) at University College London. He has led a number of initiatives to improve dementia research (including creating Dementia Researcher, Join Dementia Research & ENRICH), as well as pursuing his own research interests. He also write blogs, hosts podcasts and is passionate about improving the lives of people living with dementia and supporting early career researchers. In his spare time, he grows vegetables, builds Lego & spends most of his time drinking too much coffee and squeezing technology into his house."

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In expert corner - Bill Browne. Bill is a Professor of Statistics who works across many disciplines including Education and Animal Welfare and Behaviour; his research spans the area of statistical modelling; from the development of statistical methods to fit realistically complex statistical models to describe real-life problems; and the implementation of those models in statistical software. In researcher ranch – Dr Jacqueline Mogle. Jacqueline is co-director of RemindLab; which focuses on promoting health and well-being in older adults and identifying early indicators of changes in psychological and cognitive health. Jacqueline’s current projects examine psychological and behavioural risk factors associated with the development of early cognitive decline. These projects are designed to uncover early intervention targets for older adults prior to precipitous declines in everyday cognitive functioning.

The Methods Matter Podcast - from Dementia Researcher & the National Centre for Research Methods. A podcast for people who don't know much about methods...those who do; and those who just want to find news and clever ways to use them in their research. In this first series PhD Student Leah Fullegar from the University of Southampton brings together leading experts in research methodology; and dementia researchers that use them; to provide a fun introduction to five qualitive research methods in a safe space where there are no such things as dumb questions! Every show comes with a great visual guide. Find the show in your podcast app; on YouTube; and on the Dementia Researcher and NCRM Websites

Watch episode 4 of the Methods Matter podcast.