Advances in Diary Method for Qualitative Researchers (few places remaining)



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The University of Edinburgh


Dr Ruth Bartlett, Associate Professor, University of Southampton


Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Laura Marshall
0131 651 3001
Working week: Monday-Wednesday


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Cardiff University, Main Building,
Council Chamber, Park Place,


This advanced training event will help you to use solicited diary method to gather qualitative information. You will learn about gathering, handling, analysing and reporting data sourced through solicited diary method, through real-life diary data, small group work, and mini lectures.


The event will cover the practicalities, as well as the methodological and ethical decisions involved in using solicited diary method, such as getting diaries back, providing financial incentives, protecting the well-being and privacy of diarists and their diaries during the data collection phase, and techniques for analyzing diary data, including visual diaries.  In particular, we will consider how diary method is used and modified with participants who may lack the capacity to write, remember events, or think clearly and logically, including for example young children, adults with learning disabilities, people with dementia, and people living in low income countries

Course will run from 9.30am-4pm


£30 per day for UK/EU registered students
• £60 per day for staff at UK/EU academic institutions, UK/EU Research Councils researchers, UK/EU public sector staff and staff at UK/EU registered charity organisations and recognised UK/EU research institutions.
• £220 per day for all other participants

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Visual Methods, Qualitative Approaches (other), Diary Method , Adcanced Technologies

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