The what, why and how of citizens juries

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Andrew Thompson is Professor of Public Policy and Citizenship at The University of Edinburgh
Jennifer Roberts is a post-doctoral research fellow in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Strathclyde




Room G37, Patersons Land, Moray House School of Education, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh


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Laura Marshall
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Citizens’ juries are an innovative process that enables members of the public to give considered views and recommendations on complex and often controversial topics of a social or political nature. This course will introduce researchers to the theory of deliberative democracy that underpins the citizens’ jury method, and a brief history of their development and applications (past and present). Various approaches to running citizen juries will be presented, including how the method can be developed and implemented, approaches to research and data generation, and other practical elements such as cost and juror recruitment. To illustrate these issues we will draw on a case study of recent citizens juries in Scotland, and throughout the day we will highlight and discuss some of the challenges that must be considered when designing and running citizen juries. The course will combine short presentations with interactive sessions.

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Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


£30 per day for UK/EU registered students
• £60 per day for staff at UK/EU academic institutions, UK/EU Research Councils researchers, UK/EU public sector staff and staff at UK/EU registered charity organisations and recognised UK/EU research institutions.
• £220 per day for all other participants

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Longitudinal Research , Qualitative longitudinal research (QLR), Participant Recruitment, Data Collection (other), Management of User Involvement, Research Skills, Communication and Dissemination (other)

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