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NCRM and International Journal of Social Research Methods (IJSRM)


Professor Rosalind Edwards, co-director of NCRM and co-editor of IJSRM


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The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London


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The growth of digital information provides social scientists with unprecedented opportunities to access the personal data of citizens globally and, in doing so, to transform our understandings of a range of social issues. Nonetheless, this digital field is fraught with a range of ethical and social concerns.

This one day event will explore the dilemmas that arise between a scholarly concern with social progress and the ethical and social issues that ensue in linkage of data for research purposes (the joining of anonymised or pseudo-anonymised individual records from two or more large administrative or survey datasets). Innovative technologies create new opportunities for knowledge but they also invade privacy and provide new channels for discrimination. The event aims to stimulate informed debate and will be of interest to social scientists, research funders and policy makers.



09.30    Registration

09.50    Introduction to the event and to the morning. Chair: Malcolm Williams, Professor, Cardiff University

10.00    What is Data Linkage? Peter Elias, Professor, University of Warwick

10.45    Civil Society and Data Linkage Rob Procter, Professor of Social Informatics, University of Warwick

11.30    Coffee/tea break

12.00    Exploring the Social and Ethical Issues in Data Linkage Mandy Chessell, Master Inventor, IBM United Kingdom, Visiting Professor, University of Sheffield; Chair: Christina Hughes, Professor and Pro-VC, University of Warwick

12.45    Lunch

13.50    Introduction to the afternoon Chair: Rosalind Edwards, Professor, University of Southampton

14.00    Civil Liberties and Data Linkage Ian Dunt, Editor,

14.30    Panel Question Time 
Neil Serougi, Independent Researcher
Emma Uprichard, Associate Professor, University of Warwick
Dave Martin, Professor of Geography, University of Southampton
Peter Smith, Professor of Social Statistics, University of Southampton
Rob Procter, Professor of Social Informatics, University of Warwick

15.45    Concluding Overview Patrick Sturgis, Professor of Research Methodology, University of Southampton

16.15 – 17.00    Tea and networking



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Data linkage, Confidentiality and Anonymity, Research Ethics

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