SEM with Mplus: Longitudinal data analysis


14/02/2024 - 06/03/2024

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Dr Gabriela Roman


Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Dr Gabriela Roman

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Venue: Online


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Course framework and background:

This online course covers the foundations of structural equation modelling using the software Mplus, with topics including:

  • Autoregressive models
  • Longitudinal confirmatory factor analysis
  • Longitudinal measurement invariance
  • Latent growth curve models: Linear, Quadratic, Piecewise
  • Growth mixture modelling (GMM)
  • Latent class growth analysis
  • GMM-based structural equation modelling


Course format:

Each course has 3 units, released at a rate of one per week, every Wedensday, at 12 noon London time. 

The course contains 3 elements:

  1.  Video-based lessons: These are pre-recorded and made available to you 24/7, so you can fit them around your schedule. To aid active learning, placeholders appear throughout the videos to invite you to “have a think” before the answer is given. 
  2. Mplus files: A dropbox folder contains all the Mplus files used in the course, plus a few other external resources. The best use of the files is to annotate them as you go along. 
  3. Discussion forum: The website  includes a "Discussion forum". You are welcome to post questions there about anything that might be unclear in the course.


This course is a data analysis course, not a statistics course. This means we will learn when to use different statistical techniques based on our research questions, what these techniques do (in an intuitive non-mathematical way), how to apply them using Mplus and how to interpret the results. 

As this course is non-mathematical, so should be suitable for anyone. However, if you are entirely new to SEM and Mplus, I highly recommend you also take the Foundation course (listed on the course website, at .


Teacher and course background:

I am an Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, with a PhD in Developmental Psychology. Click here to see my university profile.  

This online course emulates my in-person ‘SEM with Mplus’ courses (, which have been running since 2013 in Cambridge. The courses were first delivered under the umbrella of the University of Cambridge and then as a private venture, hosted by Selwyn College, Cambridge. 

All the online courses are also endorsed and published on the official Mplus software website.  


£190 - £270

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East of England


Philosophy of social science, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Growth curve models, Growth mixture models, Latent class growth analysis, Latent Variable Models, Confirmatory factor analysis, Structural equation models, Mplus, Longitudinal measurement invariance.

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