Data Visualisation Using Python


22/11/2023 - 29/11/2023

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University of Cambridge


Dr Chen Qu


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Anna Evans


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Titan Teaching Room 1, New Museums Site

2nd Floor, Cockcroft Building, Pembroke Street, Cambridge CB2 3QH


The module explores Good Data Visualisation (GDV) and graph creation using Python.

In this module we demystify the principles of data visualisation, using Python software, to help researchers to better understand and reflect how the “5 Principles” of GDV can be achieved. We also examine how we can develop Python’s application in data visualisation beyond analysis. Students will have the opportunity to apply GDV knowledge and skills to data using Python in an online Zoom, self-paced, practical workshop. In addition there will be post-class exercises and a 1-hour asynchronous Q&A forum on Moodle Forum.

Format: The module requires student to attend two 2-hour sessions that consist of a 2-hour presentation and self-paced preparation and post-class exercises and there will also be a 1 hour asynchronous Q&A session on Moodle Forum.

Session 1: consists of an in-person presentation and discussion, with an introduction to key concepts and problems in data visualization, with examples from case studies. There will also be an opportunity for group discussion on the principles of data visualisation and aspects to consider to successfully communicate information using visual methods.

Session 2: consists of an online Zoom workshop where students have the opportunity to apply Python to visualise data and construct different types of graphs.



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East of England


ICT and Software (other), Data Visualisation, Python, data visualisation theories

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