Intermediate Python


12/11/2024 - 15/11/2024

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Royal Statistical Society


Robert Mastrodomenico


Intermediate (some prior knowledge)



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Level: Intermediate (I)

Python is a great all round language for many things, with one of its strengths being that it is able to deal with data. Data comes in all forms from files of various type, websites, API’s and databases. This course intends to introduce the participant to these areas and show them how to deal with data in a variety of different forms. 

This tutor-led virtual course will run over 4 mornings.

Delegates are expected to have a laptop with the Python software installed.

Learning Outcomes

The learner will appreciate how to deal with various different data types in Python and be able to manipulate these allowing them to achieve various aims.


Topics Covered

The course will cover how to manipulate and deal with data in Python. We will look at structured and unstructured data including:

  • Web scrapping: The internet is full of lots of useful information and Python is a great language for accessing this information. We will show how to programme access web pages, traverse through sites and store the results. Following this we will cover parsing the information out from the html that is obtained and storing this.
  • API’s: These days a lot of sites offer data via API’s (Application Programming Interface) these allow the user to programme access data from a provider in a structured manner. This section will demonstrate how to do this in Python and deal with the results. We will show this via a practical example from a publicly available API.
  • File types: The course will look at how to read and write the following types of file and how to manipulate them, csv, xls, XML, json, txt
  • Pandas: This section will introduce the Pandas library and demonstrate the concepts of DataFrames and Series and show how they can be used to manipulate the data from data sources and demonstrate the plotting functionality available.


Target Audience

This course is ideal for Data Scientists, Statisticians, Quants, or anyone who works with data; however this is not intended for those with zero knowledge of Python. Those with limited Python knowledge should first attend the Introduction to Python course. Those with a working knowledge of Python will be able to pick up what they need to know.

Assumed Knowledge

A working knowledge of the Python programming language.


£668.40 to £926.40 (including VAT)

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Quantitative Data Handling and Data Analysis, Python

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