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04/12/2023 - 08/12/2023

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Vicente Valentim


Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Short Course Coordinator

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Venue: Online


This introductory course on causal inference techniques will teach you state-of-the-art tools for establishing causal relations in the social sciences. Emphasising intuition, the course will equip you to deepen your knowledge of these methods independently and engage with the methodological debate surrounding them. You will learn popular methods of causal inference in the social sciences and how to apply them to research topics of interest, giving you a strong foundation for further study.

Course Contents

The course covers:

  • Potential outcomes framework
  • Instrumental variables (IVs)
  • Difference-in-differences (DIDs)
  • Regression discontinuity designs (RDDs)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will:

  •  Be able to think critically about causal claims, when one can and cannot make them
  •  Identify typical research designs to enable causal claims
  •  Apply these designs to their own work

Course audience

You should have a good understanding of linear regression, including interactions, some understanding of panel data, and some knowledge of R.

The target audience includes graduate students and post-docs in the social sciences, but also individuals working in industry, government, or consultancy, who want to learn a bit more about methods and research design.

Event outline

This online course will consist of 5 x 3 hour sessions over five consecutive days. Each session consists of a 2 hour lecture and a 1 hour lab work. For charging purposes the course equates to 2.5 teaching days.

All teaching will be synchronous

  • Session 1: Potential Outcomes and Experiments
  • Session 2: Instrumental Variables
  • Session 3: Regression Discontinuity
  • Session 4: Difference in Differences
  • Session 5: Application of designs to the students’ work


The fee per teaching day is: • £30 per day for students • £60 per day for staff working for academic institutions, Research Councils and other recognised research institutions, registered charity organisations and the public sector • £100 per day for all other participants In the event of cancellation by the delegate a full refund of the course fee is available up to two weeks prior to the course. NO refunds are available after this date. If it is no longer possible to run a course due to circumstances beyond its control, NCRM reserves the right to cancel the course at its sole discretion at any time prior to the event. In this event every effort will be made to reschedule the course. If this is not possible or the new date is inconvenient a full refund of the course fee will be given. NCRM shall not be liable for any costs, losses or expenses that may be incurred as a result of its cancellation of a course, including but not limited to any travel or accommodation costs. The University of Southampton’s Online Store T&Cs also continue to apply.




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