In-House: Questionnaire Design and Implementation Issues for Paper, Web and Mobile Web Surveys


18/04/2023 - 20/04/2023

Organised by:

NCRM, University of Southampton


Dr Pamela Campanelli


Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Jacqui Thorp
Training and Capacity Building Coordinator, National Centre for Research Methods, University of Southampton

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Venue: Online


THIS COURSE IS SOLEY FOR PICKER INSTITUTE EUROPE - A password will be sent to allow registration

In this live online course, learn about questionnaire design in the context of different modes of data collection. Explore question wording issues, the questionnaire as a whole and visual concerns when moving from interviewer-administered to web survey, when creating a web survey in general and when facing the questionnaire design challenges in creating mobile-friendly web surveys. Mirroring in-person training this will be an interactive course and will also have workshops throughout.

The course covers:

  • Questionnaire design (getting started, trade-offs, general wording guidelines, solutions to ambiguous terms, appendix on solutions to memory and question sensitivity issues, problematic question design formats, issues with web survey software templates)
  • Mode differences between paper and web (validation, required questions, etc.) and how to have harmonisation.
  • The questionnaire as a whole from the perspective of a web survey.
  • Web survey software can include some difficult formats that should be avoided (e.g., matrix of drop down boxes, running tally).
  • The visual layout for the web survey
  • Questionnaires for mobile web surveys - earlier evidence, later findings, current thinking on making a questionnaire mobile-friendly.
  • Push to web
  • Improving response rates – looking a contact strategies, reminders, etc.
  • Consent, privacy, GDPR, data linkage to medical records
  • Cognitive testing for paper and web surveys

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Have better knowledge about questionnaire design, in general
  • Have the ability to create effective web survey questionnaires as well as mobile-friendly ones
  • Understand mode differences between paper and web
  • Have better knowledge about other aspects of the survey process (e.g., consent and privacy, cognitive testing, push to web implementation, improving response rates

This course is for anyone involved in mixed-mode, web and/or mobile web surveys and participants need familiarity with surveys and questionnaire design.

Preparatory Reading

Desirable for participants to read:

The course will run over three days, 18-20 April from 09:30-14:30.



The fee has been agreed directly with Picker Institute Europe

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Survey and Questionnaire Design, Questionnaire design, Survey research, Questionnaire design, Online questionnaire, Mode effects, Mobile-friendly, Mixed-mode surveys

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