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This live online course teaches the benefits of creating or commissioning infographics. (Foundation Level)  It runs in one day and uses Zoom software.


This one-day hands-on workshop, introduces the fundamentals of data visualisation and infographic design.

Infographics and data visualisations provide a great way of communicating insight in reports, on social media, in presentations and in the field of social research there's no shortage of material to work with, qualitative as well as quantitative. However there's little guidance out there on how to get started and how to get the best out of their use.

At the start of the process the range of possible outcomes can be a daunting prospect. During this workshop we will consider all the factors that have an impact on the infographic you end up with - design, insight, audience, and platform - and look at the steps you need to go through to get to a good result.

While we will discuss the tools available for creating data visualisations and infographics - and have a go on laptops in the afternoon – the emphasis of the day will be on understanding the principles that underpin a successful piece of work rather than mastering the tools to create it.

The day will involve both theory, explained with illustrated examples, as well as exercises so attendees can explore ideas and learn for themselves. You will require a computer/laptop that has a camera/A4 paper/pencils/pens/coloured markers and be willing to work in online teams.

Learning outcomes

  • How, why and when to use an infographic
  • Defining a narrative
  • Optimising infographics for different media and audiences
  • Understanding the role of design
  • Confidence to have a go


  • What are infographics?
  • What to visualise
  • How to visualise the information - from Brief to Storytelling
  • Introduction to graphic design
  • The process
  • Tools for creating infographics
  • Common pitfalls

Who will benefit

Anyone who has an interest in creating or commissioning infographics.

Course tutor

Nigel Hawtin runs his own information design, training and consultancy company -

He originally trained and studied as a scientific and botanical illustrator using paint brushes, pencils and pens before becoming Graphics editor of New Scientist, where he stayed for 20 years. Starting in print at New Scientist, his infographics and datavis work now cover all medium and all audiences, from print to online.

He started his own information design and consultancy business five years ago. His clients range from Scientific American and the BBC, to the American Soil Association, University of Toronto, The Guardian, the NHS, IPCC, and many EU institutions including EMCDDA (EU Drug Dependency Agency) and EUROPOL. He also teaches and runs workshops throughout Europe and the Far East. He regularly writes about his work and loves to look back at what was done in the past -


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