Developing area profiles using Census 2021 data



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Dr Nigel de Noronha


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Emma Green

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Census 2021 will provide demographic, employment, housing and other characteristics about local populations at neighbourhood level. This free online workshop is designed to help you to develop area profiles for your local populations. The presentations will explain the data and geographical scale of what is available and provide a practical session to enable you to develop this into an area profile. The aims of the workshop are to enable participants to be able to:

  • Appreciate the geography of local areas and the data that is provided from the census.
  • Be able to access, prepare and present census data in tables and charts.
  • Appreciate the requirements to prepare data for mapping applications and to combine other area-based information with census data at local area level.

The workshop will use Microsoft Excel software and provide supporting materials to enable participants to develop basic skills in data analysis and reporting the results in charts and tables.

The workshop will be based on the data that is available at the time. The final session will discuss the ways in which future data releases can be used to refine your area profiles.

Presenter: Nigel de Noronha, UK Data Service

Level: Introductory
Experience/knowledge required: Some Excel spreadsheet knowledge would be useful
Target audience: Aimed at those interested in local area analysis from local authorities, public and voluntary services, and researchers



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