Multilevel Modelling


08/02/2023 - 09/11/2023

Organised by:

Royal Statistical Society


Professor George Leckie and Professor William J Browne


Advanced (specialised prior knowledge)



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12 Errol Street, London


Level: Professtional (P)

This two-day course is designed to give participants an introduction to the theory and application of multilevel regression models for clustered or hierarchical data using the statistical software (participants can choose between R, Stata and MLwiN). We focus on two-level linear and logistic regression models for clustered cross-sectional (individuals nested within groups) and longitudinal (repeated measures nested within individuals) data. The course consists of a 2:1 mix of lectures and “hands on” software practical sessions. Each new modelling development is illustrated with real applications to social, behavioural and medical science data sets.

Learning Outcomes

  • An appreciation of the implications of ignoring clustered cross-sectional and longitudinal data structures in statistical modelling

  • An understanding of a range of multilevel regression models for analysing clustered and longitudinal data

  • Practice at estimating two-level linear and logistic regression models in statistical software, and at interpreting and plotting the results

Topics Covered

  • Overview of multilevel modelling
  • Variance-component models
  • Random-intercept models with covariates
  • Between - and wiithin - effects of level-1 covriates?
  • Random-coefficient models
  • Growth-curve models
  • Three-level models
  • Review of single-level logistic regression
  • ?Two-level logistics regression

Target Audience

Applied quantitative researchers with an interest in the analysis of clustered cross-sectional and longitudinal data.

Assumed Knowledge

The course will not assume a high level of statistical knowledge, but participants will be expected to have a good understanding and experience of applying and interpreting conventional linear and logistic regression models. A set of on-line training materials to enable participants to refresh their knowledge of these topics are available from the Centre for Multilevel Modelling (CMM) website in Bristol (

Delegates will need to install in advance their choice of statistical software (MLwiN, R or Stata) on their laptop and bring this to the course.

We assume participants intending to use R or Stata are familiar with these software. We assume participants intending to use MLwiN are new to the software. Those participants can download MLwiN from

Delegate Feedback

“The course was organised and the topics were well-structured.”

“Good balance of practical & theory, knowledgeable & helpful speakers."

“Excellent course.  Very challenging but pushed me to understand what I needed – I had a breakthrough.  Thank you!”


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Quantitative Data Handling and Data Analysis, Multilevel Modelling , Variance-component models, Longitudinal data, Cross-sectional data,

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