Mplus: A beginner's course in longitudinal data analysis


02/09/2022 - 04/09/2022

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Dr Gabriela Roman


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Dr Gabriela Roman;


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Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, Grange Road, Cambridge


This 3-day course is a beginner's course in SEM with Mplus. It is hosted by Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. The only prerequisites needed for this course are: to be familiar with the general structure of the input and output files of Mplus; knowledge about confirmatory factor analysis; (optional, but highly encouraged): knowledge about measurement invariance.

The first day provides an introduction to longitudinal data analysis and includes auto-regressive models and longitudinal factor analysis with invariance constraints. The second day is focused on individual trajectories over time and includes linear, quadratic and piecewise growth models. The third day is focused on group-based trajectory models and includes latent class growth models, growth mixture models and longitudinal latent class analysis. You can find further details here:



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East of England


Cross-Sectional Research, Longitudinal Research , Regression Methods, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Latent Variable Models, Quantitative Software, Path analysis, Factor analysis, Measurement invariance, Growth curve models, Growth mixture models, Latent class growth analysis, Curve of Factors, Structural equation models, Mplus

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