Mplus: A beginner's course in SEM


29/08/2022 - 04/09/2022

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Dr Gabriela Roman


Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge)


Dr Gabriela Roman;


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Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, Grange Road, Cambridge


This 7-day course is a beginner's course in SEM with Mplus. It is hosted at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. The first 3 days are focused on cross-sectional data analysis and include: path analysis, factor analysis, multiple-group analysis (including measurement invariance tests) and moderated-mediation. The fourth day is a day of break, where you are encouraged to explore the city and relax. The last 3 days are focused on longitudinal data analysis and include auto-regressive models, longitudinal factor analysis, latent growth models and growth mixture models. You can find further details here:


£960 (early bird rate: £890)

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East of England


Frameworks for Research and Research Designs, Cross-Sectional Research, Longitudinal Research , Quantitative Data Handling and Data Analysis, Regression Methods, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Latent Variable Models, Quantitative Software, Path analysis, Factor analysis, Multiple-group analysis, Measurement invariance, Moderated-mediation, Growth curve models, Growth mixture models, Latent class growth analysis, Curve of Factors, Structural equation models, Mplus

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