Agent Based Modelling



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London School of Economics and Political Science


Professor Michael Laver


Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Camilya Maleh


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Agent-based modelling helps us study the evolution of complex social processes which result from interactions of population of actors, be they people, organizations, or states. This workshop will introduce students to the building and analysis of agent-based models (ABMs) in the social sciences.

The core objective is to bring students to a point at which they can design and program ABMs of social interactions which interest them and, far more importantly, generate research designs that interrogate these models in rigorous computational investigations.

The modelling platform we use is NetLogo, a stable and intuitive ABM programming environment, available as a free download at: Students should download and install NetLogo and start playing with this as soon as possible, and certainly before the beginning of the course.

The workshop is suitable for both quantitative and qualitative researchers. No programming background or knowledge is required. If at all possible, students should bring their own laptops to the session, having installed NetLogo to these.



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Quantitative Data Handling and Data Analysis, Agent based modelling

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