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Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge)


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Please note that this session is scheduled for 01/02/2022 between 10am and 11am

The aims of this short course are as follows:

  • To introduce the student to ethnographic modes of inquiry in the social sciences
  • To demonstrate the importance of (a) social and cultural contexts for ethnographic analysis; (b) multi-method approaches, with emphasis on participant observation; (c) ethnographic writing as an academic convention
  • To provide an introduction to the field of science and technology studies, including major schools of thought, scholars and empirical concerns


There are also 5 Learning Outcomes for this short course which are:

(LO1) Demonstrate an understanding of the integrated character of methods, analysis and writing in ethnographic inquiry

(LO2) Demonstrate an understanding of the role of foundational ethnographic texts in expanding the reach of science and technology within the social sciences.

(LO3) Explain key theoretical and analytical concerns and arguments

(LO4) Demonstrate an understanding of the range of methods bound up with ethnographic practice and the challenges associated with conducting ethnographic fieldwork in studies of science and technology

(LO5) Prepare and conduct a short ethnographic study within a scientific/ technological context


The Short Courses in Social Research Methods cost £100 As members of the North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership students from the University of Liverpool, Lancaster University, University of Manchester or Keele University are not required to pay for these courses. To register, please email the Learning and Teaching Team at Once an available module space has been confirmed by the team you will ne sent a link to provide the online payment of £100 and complete your registration.

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