In conversation….with Sophie Woodward, Jennifer Leigh and Nicole Brown

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Dr Nicole Brown, Dr Jennifer Leigh and Professor Sophie Woodward




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Dr Jennifer Leigh, University of Kent


To celebrate the relaunch of the NCRM book research method series with the publication of “Embodied Inquiry: Research Methods” Sophie Woodward is holding an ‘In conversation event’ with the authors Jennifer Leigh and Nicole Brown. Jennifer and Nicole’s book explores what an embodied approach brings to a research project, and which kinds of considerations need to be taken into account to research in this way. The book has been praised as a “welcome addition to the research methods literature” that is “grounded in interdisciplinary theorizing and bursting with practical wisdom”, and as such “a practical guide for both students and scholars interested in engaging in an embodied research process”. In this event, Sophie, Jennifer and Nicole will discuss, among other things, what Embodied Inquiry is, what the benefits and challenges of this mode of research are, and what an Embodied Inquiry might look like in practice.

The event covers:

· Introduction to embodied inquiry

· Theoretical grounding of embodied inquiry

· Methodological, ethical and practical considerations relating to embodied inquiry

· Benefits and challenges of Embodied Inquiry (for researchers, the research project, and research participants)

By the end of the in conversation event, participants will:

· Have an understanding of what an Embodied Inquiry is, and might look like

· Have an understanding of the ways in which an Embodied Inquiry can be embedded into research design, analysis, and/or dissemination

· Have an awareness of the theoretical grounding of Embodied Inquiry.

The target audience includes anyone with an interest in Embodied Inquiry (ie researchers at UG, PG, early-to-late career), or with an interest in writing a ‘what is’ or ‘how to’ methods book.

The event will take place from 10:30-12:00 and will comprise an introduction (10 mins), conversation between Sophie Woodward, Jennifer Leigh and Nicole Brown (approx. 45 minutes), followed by a live Q&A and discussion with the audience (30 minutes) and a summing up (5 minutes).


Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge)


This is free to attend but please register your place with Eventbrite (link below)

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Phenomenology, Visual Data Analysis, Qualitative Approaches (other), Embodied Inquiry , Creative Methods , Reflexivity , Positionality

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