An Introduction to Latent Variable Modelling

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Ulster University


Professor Mark Shevlin


06/09/2021 - 07/09/2021


Ulster University
Cromore Road


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Dr Orla McBride


The course covers many of the major features of latent variable models including confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis (with and without error) and modelling the relationships between latent variables. The historical and statistical foundations of latent variable models will be detailed, with particular attention paid to the issues of measurement, specification, estimation and interpretation of models. The course will demonstrate how latent variable models offer an extremely flexible framework for statistical analysis and one that allows complex hypotheses to be tested.

Some extensions to the basic latent variable model will be introduced, such as multiple group analysis, MIMIC models, and the application of model constraints. The course will be delivered by means of lectures and hands-on practical work. The final session of each day will include a question and answer session with the opportunity for everyone to discuss their research interests and their own data structures.

Mplus will be used, but no experience of this software is required. It is expected that participants will have some knowledge of different variable types (nominal, ordinal, etc.), descriptive statistics and a working knowledge of hypothesis testing prior to taking the course. An understanding of regression and correlation would be a benefit. The following websites provide accessible overviews of latent variable models. This is the homepage for the Mplus software. It has links to examples, data, and tutorials. A gentle introduction to latent variable modelling can be found here.


Course fees:

Student: £220 (more than one course £198)

Educational/charitable sector: £330 (more than one course £297)

Government/commercial sector:  £400 (more than one course £360)

10% discount will be given where the booking is for more than one short course. 


Attendance: 9:30am-4:30pm daily


Intermediate (some prior knowledge)


Student discount available. Multiple course booking available

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Northern Ireland


Quantitative Data Handling and Data Analysis, Latent Variable Models, Confirmatory factor analysis, Structural equation models

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