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Professor Vernon Gayle, Co-Director of The ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. Vernon is also Professor of Sociology and Social Statistics at The University of Edinburgh


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Laura Marshall
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Statistical models are increasingly common in social science research. Many researchers whose interests are substantive rather than methodological struggle to understand these techniques and are disinclined to engage with research that employs these approaches.  This workshop is designed for researchers who would like to learn about statistical modelling.

This half day workshop will be orientated towards researchers who do not normally use statistical methods but would like to be introduced to statistical modelling. It will be ideal for busy researchers who do not have time to go on longer workshops or courses. It will also be a useful refresher course for researchers whose last encounter with statistics was during their undergraduate degree.

If you frequently skip over tables of statistical modelling results when reading journal articles then you will benefit from attending this workshop.

The event is intended to be engaging and informative and there will be audience participation and practical demonstrations.

Mathematical ability is not required.

Conceptual ideas relating to statistical modelling will be introduced at a level that, although technically elementary, shows how statistical ideas can address major social scientific issues. The workshop will also point to training resources where greater depth of technical competence can be acquired.

This course will be delivered online and will take place from 10:00 - 16:00


• £30 per day for UK/EU registered students • £60 per day for staff at UK/EU academic institutions, UK/EU Research Councils researchers, UK/EU public sector staff and staff at UK/EU registered charity organisations and recognised UK/EU research institutions. • £100 per day for all other participantsCancellation Policy: Please be reminded that you will be charged the full registration fee if you cancel your place within 4 weeks before the training delivery date or you fail to attend. If you are able to fill the place on the course you are cancelling then the cancellation charge will not apply.

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Qualitative Data Handling and Data Analysis, Introduction to statistical models, refresher course, statistical modelling, regression

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