Webinar: Investigating political behaviour in the UK - what data can I use?



Organised by:

UK Data Service, Understanding Society


Dr Jonathan Mellon, Dr Nicole Martin,


Entry (no or almost no prior knowledge)


Dr Sarah King-Hele

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Venue: Online


This free webinar, jointly organised by the UK Data Service and Understanding Society, is designed for anyone who would like to know more about sources of survey data available for investigating political behaviour in the UK. 

The speakers will be Dr Jonathan Mellon, Hallsworth Research Fellow at the University of Manchester, and Dr Nicole Martin, Lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester. 

The webinar will focus on:

  • key features of the British Election Studies, examples of research uses and how to access the data
  • using Understanding Society for research into political behaviour, including key features, research use cases and access
  • other useful data sources for exploring political behaviour in the UK

The webinar will consist of 45 minutes of presentations and 15 minutes for questions. The webinar is suitable for both new and experienced researchers. 

If you have any queries or require further information about this event, please contact Dr Sarah King-Hele (sarah.king-hele@manchester.ac.uk).

Other webinars in the series

This webinar is one of a series of webinars about data available for research: “ESRC data resources: Discovering data and how to use them”.  Each webinar focuses on a different research topic:

  • Religion: 18 March 2020
  • Language spoken: 25 March 2020
  • Mental health: Monday 9 December 2019 - recording available.    

Recordings from the webinar series run in March and April 2019 about data for research on Journey to work; Ethnicity and migration; Obesity; and Education can be found on the UK Data Service and CLS web pages.

ESRC data resources collaboration

The webinar series is the result of a collaboration between a number of ESRC-funded resource centres working together to promote the value and use of social science data.

The collaboration is made up of several organisations, including: CeLSIUS, NILS_RSU, SLS-DSU, CLOSER, Understanding Society, the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS), AQMeN, the UK Data Service, the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), and the three ESRC-funded big data centres; the Urban Big Data Centre (UBDC), ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre (BLG) and Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC).



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