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Poster competition: 2021 Research Methods e-Festival


Call for expressions of interest

As part of the 2021 Research Methods e-Festival, we will showcase and celebrate the best video posters from current post-graduate researchers. The best 10 will be broadcast on rotation on throughout the e-festival with poster owners being available for questions on Wednesday lunchtime (27 October). E-festival participants will then vote on their favourite with the most popular being awarded a prize.

Video posters could cover particular methods or methodological frameworks, research design and approaches, epistemology, research infrastructure, data and data services, ethics and so on, or you could focus on a particular application or project. But, we are happy to accept expressions of interest (EOI) on any that speak to the e-festival’s theme of innovation, adaptation, evolution of the social sciences.



The static content should consist of a single PDF or PowerPoint slide, which can be either in landscape or portrait orientation.

For the dynamic element, voiceover, talking-head or animated content are all welcomed. Additional video may be included in the presentation. Whatever the content, the total run time of the final submitted video poster should not exceed three minutes. Over-length recordings will be automatically disqualified. We are happy for you to submit multiple posters; however, you will need to complete a separate expression of interest for each.


The competition

An academic panel will review all of the submissions. The best 10 submitted will receive NCRM certificates of commendation and will be streamed on Wednesday, 27 October (day three of the e-festival) on rotation.

Participants of the e-festival will be invited to vote for their favourite poster. A prize of a £100 Amazon voucher will be awarded to the poster that receives the most votes.


Festival structure and logistics

We will be using Whova to host the event. This is a dedicated online event platform that allows for networking, easy document sharing, polls, gamification, the video poster competition and one-to-one meetings. The audience and attendees of the e-festival will include: those in academia, the private sector, third sector/NGOs and governments from the UK and worldwide.


To apply

There is a two-stage process for application:

1. Expression of interest

To express interest in submitting a poster please complete the following online form: RMeF: Video Poster Expression of Interest form

Submitted EOIs will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The final deadline for EOIs is 16:00 on 7 October


2. Accepted EOIs

If your EOI is accepted, you will be sent a link by email as to where to submit the video poster itself.

The deadline for submission of your poster is 23:59 on 15 October 2021 (anywhere in the world).


Visit the e-festival homepage to find out more about the event and to register