Short course -

Avant-garde and arts-based methods in qualitative research (day 1)


Bio: Dr Alexandrina Vanke holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Manchester. She has more than 10 years of research experience and participated in nine team projects. Alexandrina specialises in the application of interdisciplinary qualitative research methods, including interviewing, participant observation, ethnography, and creative and arts-based approaches. Her research interests include everyday life, intersectional inequalities, urban space and cultural practice. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Member of the British Sociological Association.

Bio: "Victoria Lomasko is a Russian contemporary artist based in Moscow. She has a degree in Graphic Arts from Moscow State University of Print¬ing Arts. Her book Other Russias is a collection of ‘graphic reportages,’ a self-described style of art making and record keeping. It was published in six countries, for example in the USA by n+1 and in the UK by Penguin. During the past few years, mural making has become the main passion of her practice. Her work has appeared in Art in America, The Guardian, GQ Russia, The New Yorker and in exhibitions around the world including Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, Austria, Garage Museum in Moscow, Russia, Miami University Humanities Center in Oxford, USA, GRAD at Somerset House, London, UK and the Cartoonmuseum, in Basel, Switzerland. Lomasko’s art is based on the synthesis of text and images. In her graphic reportages text is an important element as drawing is. In her practice, writing essays and poems precedes the sketching of monumental works so she refers her murals as “frozen poems”. Her art has developed from Soviet style (the artist used to call herself The Last Soviet Artist) to fantasy compositions that are based on real events and include reworked sketches from nature. Moving from documentary depicting concrete cases and from journalism to a narrative on big historical processes using symbolic language, the artist continues describing the modern life."

This two half-day course will give you an overview of avant-garde and arts-based approaches of doing qualitative research and provide you with basic knowledge about creative methods in the social sciences.  Led by Dr Alexandrina Vanke and contemporary artist Victoria Lomasko; we will cover a full-cycle qualitative study and explain how to incorporate arts-based strategies at all stages of research. We will discuss how to: create research designs building on avant-garde and documentary approaches; combine arts-based strategies of data collection; such as drawing and collaging; with qualitative methods of observing; participating and interviewing; use sketches and comics in the study of everyday lives; material culture and urban space; elaborate strategies of analysis of multisensory data; employ the research assemblage and creative writing complemented by visual narratives; apply arts-informed strategies in the process of disseminating research outputs.   You will need to bring pencils and markers; paper and old magazines; scissors and glue.

This is booked through the NCRM training database at an additional charge which includes a free festival pass; Avant-garde and arts-based methods in qualitative research (part of the RMeF2021) (