Session: Multiscale measures of segregation data

Time: Wednesday 4th July, 11:15 - 12:45


Professor Richard Harris (University of Bristol)
Dr David Manley (University of Bristol)

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The purpose of this session is to showcase and to discuss new data, software and methods for the methods of segregation. The focus is on moving away from measuring (ethnic) segregation at a single scale, using traditional indices, to treating segregation as a multiscale phenomenon. Various methods have been advocated including multilevel, geostatistical and ‘egocentric’ approaches, and software has been developed, including the multilevel index of dissimilarity (MLID) package for R, MLwiN, and Equipop. Gridded population data provide opportunity for scale effects to be considered independent of the varying size and shapes of Census tracts and areas.

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Presenter: Richard Harris

Calculating a multilevel index of dissimilarity in R

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Presentation 1

Start time: 11:20

Presentation title: Calculating a multilevel index of dissimilarity in R


Professor Richard Harris (University of Bristol)

Presentation 2

Start time: 11:35

Presentation title: Modelling segregation in MLwiN


Professor Kelvyn Jones (University of Bristol)

Presentation 3

Start time: 11:50

Presentation title: Using EquiPop to understand segregation


Dr John Östh (Uppsala University)

Presentation 4

Start time: 12:05

Presentation title: PopChange and geostatistical ways of looking at segregation


Dr Nick Bearman (University of Liverpool)