Session: The Ethics of Sensors

Time: Tuesday 5th July, 15:45 - 17:15


Professor Nigel Gilbert (University of Surrey)

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Digital devices are becoming more sophisticated. A mobile phone can measure position and movement, as well as what the phone is being used for. Many people wear sensors for heart rate, sleeping patterns, and physical activity. And fixed sensors in houses can be plugged in to measure sound and energy use. Using such sensors effectively could reduce the need for questionnaires and interviews, providing potentially more accurate reporting.

However, the availability of such sensors and the data they can produce raises important ethical questions. This session will review the use of sensors in social research and the related ethical issues.

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Presenter: Ewa Luger

User consent and the challange of ambient, sensor-based systems

The level of the session is: Accessible

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Presentation 1

Start time: 15:50

Presentation title: Ethics and research on telehealth with (older) people


Dr Malcolm Fisk (De Montfort University)

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Start time: 16:15

Presentation title: User consent and the challenge of ambient, sensor-driven systems


Dr Ewa Luger (Microsoft Research Fellow, University of Cambridge)

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Start time: 16:40

Presentation title: The ethics of sensing and design


Professor Barry Brown (Mobile Life Research Centre, University of Stockholm)